We are one of the largest hotel franchise company in the world. With an unmatched portfolio of exceptional brands and the industry’s simplest, most generous loyalty program, we are the champions of the everyday traveler. Every day, Courtyard Holidays (Hotels & Resorts) welcomes the world like no one else.

A house name brand in hospitality, Beach Club offers uncompromised quality in all aspects of their resort properties. Their points-based ownership allows you to vacation more flexibly than ever before, while also giving you the opportunity to exchange within their network of properties to visit Worldwide

Since 1995, Courtyard Holiday Service has been on a journey of excellence, and this year we celebrate our 25th anniversary as an established, high quality holiday provider to many of vacation’s loving family. We are proud of our success and look to the future with enthusiasm, to grow with the needs of our customers. We value what you value – our core competency is to provide what you value in your holiday needs – the safe, on-time delivery of your most important desire on-board. Join with us in celebrating our anniversary by requesting a quote on your next holiday, we’ll proudly serve you, of that you can be assured.